I missed the deadline to sign my child up, can I still get them in the league?

Not for the season you are hoping. We have a deadline for a reason. After the deadline has passed we order uniforms, put together teams, and set up insurance for all of those in the league for the season. To sneak in just your child is not as easy as you might think. There is more to it on the back end.

Please can't my child just play in the season I didn't sign up for on time? I have a really good reason that is way better than all of the other reasons other parents have given. Pretty please, with sugar on top.

Please see the question above this one for the answer. Never mind, we have decided to reverse our previous stance. We will gladly place your child into the current season at a cost of $1,000 per child (note, the $1,000 does not grant additional special treatment, your child will just be part of the league for the season you really want them to play in)

When and where are practices?

The coach determines practices. This is a huge incentive to be the coach. You can decide to practice at the closest HOA or Public Park to your house on a day and time convenient to you. Most coaches have historically chosen a weekday 1-ish hour practice starting some time between 4-7 pm. If you have a tight schedule, please volunteer to be the coach so that the practice day, time, and location match your availability.

Who is the coach?

We look to the parents of the children for volunteer coaches. While there are time commitments to being a coach, there are some advantages as well.

What are the benefits of being a coach?

The coach is able to pick the day, time, and location of practice. They also receive a Laveen Soccer shirt at no charge. The best benefit is creating memories with your child (although the free shirt was a close second, I mean come on, these things are awesome)

My schedule is very tight and I am only available for my child to practice at a specific day and time, how do I let the coach know these restraints?

The best advice we can offer is to be the coach (hopefully communication with yourself is not lacking). While most coaches try to be accommodating, there is no guarantee you will get everything you want. Maybe they are coaching due to their time constraints as well.

What if we are available for practice only on Tuesday's?

See the above question for the answer. Once again, if your schedule is extremely limited, our best advice is to volunteer to be a coach.

How can I be a coach if I don't know anything about soccer?

Knowledge about the sport is not required to be a coach. Jeff runs half of this soccer league, and he doesn't have a clue of how to play. We give each coach a coaching packet at the beginning of the season with practice ideas and are more than willing to help with tips and tricks. Also, the Internet can provide plenty of suggestions as well.

What ages is the league for?

The league is set for 4-11 year olds. The age groups inside the league are 4-5, 6-7, 8- 9, and 10-11. If attendance is low in any one age group, we reserve the right to adjust the age groups.

My child is almost 4; can we enroll him/her in the league?

We feel the person that knows their child the best is you. If you feel little Johnny or Samantha is able to keep up with four and five year olds physically, mentally, and socially, then please feel free to sign them up.

My child is 12, now what?

If soccer is a sport that they want to continue to pursue, there are many clubs you could enter them in. The good news is most of these clubs have a competitive division; so your child could play in tournaments, maybe receive a trophy as tall as them, etc. The bad news is the cost of these leagues is dramatically higher, the location of games and practices will not be as convenient, and the time commitment is much greater.

A great group to check out is Laveen Academy or Laveen FC ( http://www.laveenacademy.com). They are both ran by a friend of ours and they use us as a feeder league for people that would like the more structured club route.

When will the league start?

Historically we have had two seasons each year (with the exception of Spring 2012). The Fall season typically starts in October and ends in November and the Spring season typically starts in April and ends in May. The best time to sign up is usually two months before the season, so August and February.

Is the league really as amazing as everyone says it is?

Yes, yes it is.

How long does the season last?

The season is six weeks long.

How many practices / games will my child play?

Every team will play one game per week on Saturday mornings, thus playing a total of six games for the season. Most teams typically practice once a week.

Jeff, how amazing is it to get the chance to work with Steve in this league?

I am not going to lie. This is absolutely the best business decision I ever made. Working with Steve in Laveen Soccer could be compared to helping Michelangelo paint the Sistine Chapel.

How much is the league?

As long as you sign up during the normal registration period, the prices are based on the number of kids in your family you are signing up:

The cost for registering your child during late registration is $55 per child (regardless of family size)

The cost for registering your child after late registration has closed is $1,000 per child for the current season.

What do we get for registering in the league?

Your child receives a league shirt and a pair of socks. The color of the shirt depends on the age group they are playing in. A trophy will be given to child and coach at the end of the season. A league wide pizza party will coincide with the last game of the season for all of the families involved. This includes hot, fresh pizza, ice-cold drinks, and potentially helium balloons for the kids (no UP! attempts please)

Do I need to purchase anything else?

Every child is required to wear shin guards during the game. We would also strongly encourage each child bring their own soccer ball and water bottle to practice. Cleats are optional, but they don't seem to make much of a difference for children under 8 years old.

What size soccer balls do you use?

The four and five year olds play with size 3. All other age groups use size 4.

How do the games work?

Please see our downloadable pdf that discusses the in's and out's of game rules. Coaches are responsible for ensuring they either have a referee (home team) or scrimmage vests (away team)

My child did not get placed on the team I had hoped for. Can you make a switch?

The short answer is "most likely not". We do try to accommodate all requests when forming teams. After the team has been made and before asking this question of us, please first perform a personal inquiry. Ask yourself

If the answer to any of these questions is no, then you already know why they were not paired. Answering a yes to these questions does not guarantee your request will happen (obviously, which is why the question was asked, although this is more like a SFAQ, or Semi-Frequently Asked Question). There are some instances when too many people request to all be on the same team. If we honored all of those requests, we would end up with a team of 15 and another with 6. This wouldn't make anyone happy either, so we split a few people off, but try and keep that group together as well.

Steve, how do you put up working with Jeff?

We all have our own obstacles and trials to face. I have realized that working with Jeff is mine. I have just accepted this reality.