About Us

The goal of our league is to provide a safe and productive environment that enables children to learn and apply the principles of teamwork, discipline, dedication, and sportsmanship. We facilitate the development of strength and character in every child that participates. Participation in our league is open to all boys and girls from 4 - 10 years of age.

We are sustained by the efforts of volunteers who display an extraordinary amount of commitment and hard work, ensuring that our league is a positive influence in the lives of our children. We also strive to provide a service to our community by providing a healthy outlet for children, opportunities for the community to gather together, and endless hours of entertainment.

Our league's primary goal is to keep the costs as minimal as possible for all participants. We appreciate the generous support of the community, local merchants, and civic organizations.


Steve is a true Phoenician. He has lived in the valley his entire life, with the exception of two years in the Philippines. He grew up in North Phoenix. After coming back from the Philippines, he moved out to Mesa, met the girl of his dreams, got married, and graduated from ASU. Steve and his family moved out to the Laveen area in 2003 with his first child on the way. Growing up playing sports, he naturally started looking for activities for his future children. Finding that there was a severe lack in youth sports, he asked a friend, okay acquaintance, if he would like to start a soccer league, and the rest is history!


Jeff is a native Arizonan and has lived in Laveen since 2005. Two of his kids joined the first Laveen Soccer league when it was ran by a friend a year or so after moving to Laveen. Once that neighbor moved away, he tried to pressure Steve into running the league himself. His plan backfired as Steve insisted that they do it together. Jeff now has three of his five kids in the league. He is definitely the more mature of the two league organizers, and is comfortable enough in his maturity to still call Steve a stinky booger head.